Proxy Template

Generic black and white card frames with the class edited out so you can focus on what's truly matter : your awesome proxy art.

It is also photocopy-friendly. Unlike a monochrome printer it cannot reproduce detailed greys.

Proxies are for resolving card overlaps, creating a bit more copies of card you already own to make unconventional team composition possible, or fix accidents such as lost cards. They are not meant for you to skip buying an Investigator Expansion by getting a few cards out of it for free.

Premade A4 PDF

They are designed so the size comes out a bit smaller than an actual card. Then you can overlay inside a clear sleeve and still see genuine card back, without the proxy paper accidentally blep off the edge and revealing it is a proxy from the back side.

Individual images below if you want an exact amount of a specific frame.


Asset Asset Asset Asset Asset

Event Event Event Event Event

Skill Skill Skill Skill Skill