After Fantasy Flight Games made the Revised Core Set and is repackaging previously released expansions to be more accessible, the game is getting a lot more influx of new players. I was among those players feeling welcomed by the Revised Core Set to get into the game.

This is an exciting time to create more helping contents for this game so the community could grow easier.

What could this site do (when it is done)

"Assemble your investigator party and start playing" is the purpose of this site, to be a great "starter" of Arkham Horror : The Card Game session. A site geared for someone not interested in deckbuilding at all. The biggest hurdle I am addressing is getting a party composition such that :

Contrary to arkhamdb.com's extensive data and queries, this site will have specific tooling to help getting the game started as fast as possible with respect to player's collection and the current "party". Each visitor gets a blank 4-slot party, and each step the members (decks) are added, the tool help finding the right deck for the remaining slots.

I also introduce the concept of "Starter Deck", a special class of deck that will receive some cool treatment in this site. It is a deck using no more than 2 Investigator Expansions (plus 1 Investigator Starter Deck, optionally) and comes with a guide to play it. This will further encourage newcomers to pick and play them, as well as incentivize seasoned players to build an economical deck not using an entire collection. Starter Deck must also rate its own "Fighting" and "Clue Finding" level, which will affect automatic tool to find decks that fill the hole of newcomer's party.

This site cannot build decks. It only use decks imported from arkhamdb.com, and must be done by the original author. arkhamdb.com does not expose a public API that lists all decks in the database, can just list 1 deck of other players that it knows the ID off. However it can list all of your own decks if you are logged in. I planned this site to be able to sign in to multiple arkhamdb.com users at once and increase the pool of possible decks it can use to assemble the party.