Explore Investigator Expansions

In the new two boxes format "Campaign Expansion" + "Investigator Expansion", now it is possible to get either side depending on your interest. This Explore page is designed for this purpose : If you look at the player cards (Investigator Expansion) and you are not hyped, you can get just the Campaign Expansion then take investigators and player cards you already own to a new adventure.

I also have collected some links and articles inside each expansion to help you decide your purchase.

Repackaged Format vs. Old Format FAQ

New repackaged format explainer

In the old days : When you purchase an "Expansion" / "Deluxe Expansion", you will get 2 out of 8 scenarios. This box also provide Campaign's common encounter sets for use in 1st and 2nd scenario, and they are also planned to be used in 3rd ~ 8th scenario, but you don't have the actual 3rd ~ 8th scenarios yet. You also get some player cards and some investigators.

After you reach the end of 2nd scenario, you purchase the "Mythos Pack" in sequence to continue the story and also get some more player cards (but no investigators). In this old model, the "living" in Living Card Game meant the players are always subscribed to this on-going, episodic adventure and continues one step forward every month or so.

It is impossible to get just the scenarios in the old format, you must also get some player cards as you go.

Nowadays : A "Campaign Expansion" (be careful as this box use the same artwork as the old format "Expansion" / "Deluxe Expansion", but the box is significantly bigger and sturdier) provides 1st~8th scenarios and Campaign's common encounter sets completely and you are ready to go all the way to the epilogue provided that you owns the core set. There is no investigator and player cards in this box, other than a bit of story asset that you could earn into your player deck along the story.

Purchase an "Investigator Expansion" to get the investigators and player cards that were previously scattered throughout all the "Mythos Pack" in one go. This box uses a new artwork (photos of investigators scattered on the table), so should be less likely to get confused.

Compared to old format which provides frequent update every month in exchange of intially incomplete expansion, we now get an expansion update roughly once per year but is immediately complete.