The 3mm Divider : Printing

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General guidelines

Send all picked graphics to any program that can laid them out on paper size then save a merged image for printing. Make sure size of each divider is physically 93mm x 68mm on the paper (1098x804 px at 300 DPI). Some programs like to offer scaling to fit. Make sure that is off. If using A4 paper, it helps if you pick multiple of 8 dividers to not waste the paper.

If you send the files to print shop they should be able to understand that. If you are doing it on your own, these examples might help.


macOS : Using Photos app

macOS printing

Note : If you don't have any printer installed in the list, the page may not fit 8 dividers like shown because the system assume a certain default value of paper's edge to reserve. The information that the printer can print closer to the edge of paper comes differently depending on printer. You can install "imaginary printer" on macOS just so it allows removing the margin by :

Windows : Using IrfanView app

I can't believe it is so difficult on Windows 10 to do this!! The new Photos app has only paper size adjustment but not the size of individual image. "Restoring" the old Windows Photo Viewer via Registry Editor also similarly lacks control. Paint, Paint .NET, GIMP requires manually laying out each image on the page.

The only good solution I found is this external program IrfanView.

Finishing touch

You may use rounded corner punch on them and maybe sleeve to make them last longer.

The printed size 93mm x 68mm can fit inside KMC Character Sleeve just right. The trick to get it in is using the corner of divider or small ruler to stretch open up the 2 entry corners of the sleeve a bit. If you can get both corners in at the same time, the rest will be easy.